It’s officially 2019 in North Korea! Watch The Amazing Fireworks Light Up The Night Sky In Pyongyang

North Korea is celebrating the new year with a firework display in Pyongyang, its biggest-ever fireworks display since reconnecting with the South.



A record amount of pyrotechnics as well as new fireworks light up the city’s skyline for more than 10 minutes.





As the country parties, many will also look forward to 2019 and wonder whether the turmoil witnessed during the previous year will spill over into the next.



US President Donald Trump dominated headlines in 2018 when he met his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong Un in Singapore for a historic summit.


North Korea’s commitment to denuclearisation will remain a major political and security issue into next year, as the world watches with close interest.



Other cities expected to celebrate the new year in the coming hours are Tokyo, Mumbai, Dubai, Paris, London, New York and many others.

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