Suicide on Third Mainland Bridge! Another victim jumped into Lagos Lagoon

The Spade of suicide in Lagos has now reached an alarming proportion as several people have taken to the unholy act to in recent months.

The reason for this, doctors explain, could range from depression caused by economic frustration, mental health issues, among others things.

Interestingly, the choice location for this act appears to be the Third Mainland Bridge. On more than on occasion, victims have chosen to take their own lives by jumping into the Lagos Lagoon through that location, with their bodies not being recovered for days.

Though some have been stopped before they took the deadly jump and others have been rescued alive after making the jump, a good number have ended up dying from the act.

This was the case on Friday when an unidentified middle-aged man Friday morning, jumped into Lagos lagoon.

The man reportedly jumped into the lagoon after he alighted from a commercial bus on the Third Mainland Bridge inwards Lagos Island. He was said to have been drowned and already dead when his body recovered by Marine police with the support of local divers.


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