10 Look-alike Celebrities: The last one you will be definitely confused.

Often times, when two celebs look-alike, the one who attained fame first is most times seen as the original while the next is tagged an imposter or a duplicate. This may not be the case in this list, they are all originals, unique to themselves.

Here are some well-known Nigerian entertainers and their carbon copies. None of these people are related but the resemblance is just striking. Check them out!

1. Chioma and CeeC

These 2 ladies are almost like twins. Same look but different fate. CeeC is struggling with ‘pain’ now, however Chioma is spoiled by his man.


2. Femi Kuti and Kalu Ikeagwu

Look Alike

When two guys are just handsome in a particular way, they tend to look-alike. If Kalu was a westerner, then there might be a possibility that Fela’s music gene evolved into an acting offspring.

3. Genevieve Nnaji and Ivie Okujaye

Look Alike

It’s got to be the eyes or the lips. From the lips to the eyes, Genevieve and her industry twin are just a duplicate of themselves. Beautiful and forever young! plus they both have the same kind of glow.

4. May D and Adekunle Gold

Look Alike

Can you see their lips? Dark and similarly shaped. Seems like May D just cleared the way for his younger bro, Gold to take over.

5. Akua Tokunboh and Yinka Davies

Quite a striking resemblance between these two. They either look like siblings or mother and daughter. Don’t ask me who the mother is!. They don’t exactly share the same career like most celebrity look-alikes that have been mentioned. Yinka Davies is a vocalist and lyricist and also a judge in the popular reality show Nigerian Idol. On the other hand, Akua Tokunboh is a beauty queen of Ghanaian and Nigerian descent who won Miss Ghana USA in 2014.

6. Davido and Sean Tizzle

Look Alike

They are both in the dancehall industry and have got almost the same looks. Sean Tizzle came into the Nigerian music scene with a familiar look likened to that of Davido. Although Sean is now fairer and has got pink lips, courtesy of skin whitening creams, the singer still looks like his brother from another mother, Davido.

7. 2baba and Joe El

Look Alike

Coincidentally, Joe El rose to stardom as a Kennis Music artist, the same record label that brought his look-alike, 2Baba (Tu Face) to the limelight. Joe El has said in many interviews that he is always mistaken to be 2Baba by many.

8. Ade Bantu and Bryan Okwara

Although one is older and the other is finer, Ade Bantu and Bryan Okwara have a striking resemblance. The look-alikes are both in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

9. Uti Nwachukwu and Gbenro Ajibade

Look Alike

Call them hot chocolates! Uti and Gbenro used to be one Nigerian celebrity duo that knew just how to rock dreads. However, after Gbenro’s traditional marriage in 2015, he decided to leave the boys haircut for a more manly low-cut but that didn’t stop him from sharing facial similarities with the Jara host. Not only are they lookalikes, they are both close pals. Were you also one of those who mistook them to be brothers? well, you’re not alone. Uti and Gbenro share lots of similarities from their dark skin to their body structure.

10. Nneka and Di’ja

Look Alike

The last but certainly not the least on our list are entertainers Di’ja and Nneka. Looking at the picture above, it is most certainly safe to say that Di’ja has also got a twin! Coincidentally, these two singers are naturalists and look way younger than their age.

What do you think? Which of these celebrity pairs have the most striking resemblance?

21 thoughts on “10 Look-alike Celebrities: The last one you will be definitely confused.

  1. 3. Genevieve Nnaji and Ivie Okujaye
    The resemblance is just too much….

  2. 1-Genevieve & Ivie
    I almost tot Ivie was either Genevieve sister or daughter d 1st time I watch her movie.
    2- 2baba & Joel
    3- Uti & Gbenro

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