4 things every Nigerian realizes after losing their travel virginity



There is no place like home

Although a cliché phrase, Nigerians find its reality the moment they are hit with homesickness. Aside from the dealing with culture shock and adjusting to different food, water, and time zones, travelling for the first time opens their eyes to the perks and positive attributes of the country that they take for granted. They appreciate the tiny things that make their home different and unique. From local food, to mode of communication and certain freedoms, Nigerians realize that no matter how fancy other places may seem or look, they are actually happiest when they are home as it where they were created to thrive in.

Imagination very rarely equates reality

Most Nigerians, especially those who have never been out of the country tend to believe that any place outside the country’s borders is a better place. They imagine an utopia with an abundance of everything they feel they lack in the country. However, the moment their travel virginity is gone, they realize that sometimes imaginations are not always equal to reality. They see that no matter how beautiful, organized or even cheap a destination may be, there are certain drawbacks to it that cannot be very easily tackled.

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Money is not all that matters

Some Nigerians get opportunities to travel, but they do not take it as they do not want to lose valuable time travelling when they can spend it making more money. You hear Nigerians all around say: “time is money” or “no time to say ‘no time’ ”. They consider the cost of travelling, the added expense that comes with hotel bills, transport, food and more and they just post pone. However, the moment they eventually travel, they experience the awesome feeling that comes with travelling, having new adventures and exploring new frontiers…and they realize that money is not all that matters, there are other things in life (travel)  that bring the kind of joy and fulfillment that money cannot bring or buy.

Planning is essential and African time only works in Nigeria

The majority of people in Nigeria are not huge on planning or scheduling and they rarely keep to time. They like to be spontaneous as they tend to believe that most things are unpredictable. Travelling teaches them otherwise. From the process of securing the visa to budgeting, booking hotels, buying the tickets, checking in at the airport and basically moving around on getting to the destination, they are forced to do a lot of planning and they realize how essential it is to achieving almost everything. They also realize that keeping to time is essential as in most other places, opportunities are missed when time and planning is taken for granted.

Source: Jumia Travel