NGO set to launch new programme to promote education and sports

A new initiative tagged Awaken the Giant 1.0 Challenge is set for launch in Mowe Ogun State, Nigeria according to a statement issued by Additional Plus Sports and Education Initiative.

The non-profit organization with overarching objectives of empowering young girls and women including those with disabilities for the exclusive intention of promoting inclusion, diversity and social justice is hoping to make more impact with this new drive.

As explained by the organisers, Awaken the Giant 1.0 Challenge is a startup innovation program for the development of young girls through the introduction of Sports and Reading Club at the Grassroot levels across Nigeria without total exclusion of the boys starting with Mowe Ogun State, Nigeria.

The management of Additional Plus Sports and Education is launching the program in Mowe, Ogun State in partnership with Eminent Kids Montessori School owing to the fact that there is no existence of Sport presently.

Worldwide, Sports is an unrivalled tool that transcends all geographical barriers, age, ethnicity and social status.

The idea was borne out of the need to promote mass participation of young girls in sport and education since sports provide HOPE, where there seem to be none and education, provides knowledge which is POWER.

The Vision

The vision of the Clinic is to establish and sustain sports and reading club in local communities while the mission is continuous grooming of participants in table-tennis, basketball, scrabble, football and athletics to stardom through exposure to State, National and Global opportunities.

Having attended the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime workshop organized for the Civil Society Organization in Nigeria, resources shared on Doha Declaration on Education for Justice (E4J) Initiative tools shall be used in sustaining the reading club while promoting the culture of lawfulness amongst young people in Nigeria.

The overarching objective of the Clinic is to encourage mass participation of girls in sports at an early age and prepare them for life after sport through APSE Initiative Academy.

The innovation shall be empowering Sixty (60), participants and is specifically for young people between ages 6-11 in Mowe environ hinged on harnessing hidden potentials through Sport and Education while promoting communal unity through leisure experience which would serve as empowerment scheme towards discovering and nurturing of identified talents for a more gratifying future.

It will be an avenue for the participants to be gainfully involved and engaged at their formative stage since the sport is a laboratory for talent and character-building are necessary for any nation’s advancement.

First of its kind

The event that is first of its kind will attract a strong audience of young people cum adults from the nooks and crannies of Mowe, as participants and spectators will have ample opportunity to socialize because the initiative is deliberately designed and aggressively pursued for the primary objective of redirecting the burning energies of thousands of teeming young people to a more valuable exercise.

Organisers of this project are extremely interested in the promotion of the perfect combination of the Two (2) pillars of Development i.e. Sports and Education which when initiated early can be used to promote health, prevent conflict, foster gender equality as well as promoting employment and economic development.