TURN UP! All The Single Ladies Why You Should Never Marry A Footballer. Details Will Save You From Heart Break

Often overpaid and spoiled, footballers at times find themselves getting in too deep. Whether it is in too deep with alcohol, drugs, women or their spending habits, many footballers struggle with inner demons like everyday people. And if I can, I will do everything in my power to keep women away from professional footballers because of this.

Although controversy is part of the game, there have been instances that have caught the public’s attention that leave me ever so puzzled. The negative press someone receives based on poor decisions not only affects the player personally, but sheds a bad light on their club, country and the people connected to such individuals.

To make my point, I have arranged a starting XI, using a 3-4-3 formation, of players I would never want women to marry, along with a disgraceful coach and a bench full of undesirable subs.

Carlos Tevez: Apparently Carlitos is not just a scumbag to Manchester City fans. Claims of an adulterous affair during his sweetheart’s premature birth further cements the Argentine’s abysmal reputation.

Mario Balotelli:  The young Italian phenom has a knack for popping up in the headlines. But when the number of current girlfriends outweighs his collection of cars, fathers should be locking their daughters indoors.

Arsene Wenger: Who would have thought the Professor had a steamy past? The former Arsenal manager is mostly a reputable man, sans this one particular time…

Marco Borriello: Another Italian, this sex addict should stay as far away from women as humanly possible. It is mostly because of health purposes.

Wojciech Szcesny: As a young budding 21-year-old goalkeeper in Arsenal, the Polish star did some immature things once in a while, like trying to seduce a glamour model over twitter.

Rio Ferdinand: Rio Ferdinand has had his fair share of problems, and all of them are distinct in their own right. Among failed drug tests and dodgy decision making, the Manchester United man can add “unfaithful” to his list of descriptions as well.

John Terry: Easily the most controversial footballer on this list, JT is a commanding defender with an acute sense of the game. As Chelsea’s most successful club captain of all time, Terry has been in and out of the press for a long time and battles with numerous accusations regarding his personal life. Although a married man, his infidelity is highly documented and if he ever encounters a lady you know, pray that she doesn’t fall for that English charm.

Ashley Cole: To complete an all-England back trio, Ashley Cole is a tidy and versatile defender who could use a little tidying in his own life. A notorious womanizer, the Chelsea defender had a beautiful wife before he ruined everything with constant adultery. His career for club and country is one to be recognized, but for the fathers out there, his track record with women should be loathed.

Franck Ribery: Ribery was a major part of a shocking investigation by French police concerning an underage prostitution ring.

Adrian Mutu: It is refreshing to know that the travelled Romanian is not on this list because of his cheating ways, but the reason he is on this list causes just as big of an alarm. The former Chelsea man battled substance abuse problems his entire career, and because of his failed drug tests he was forced to pay Chelsea an unworldly amount of money in compensation. He was also banned for life from the Romanian national team because of his partying.

David Beckham: Most notable of accusation levelled against the freekick wizard came during his time in Madrid away from his equally famous wife.

Ryan Giggs: Not only did Giggs shack out of wedlock with a famous Big Brother contestant, he also fooled around with his brother’s wife. Giggs’ legacy can never be touched, but to the surprise of many, he is not an ideal candidate for one’s daughter.

Alex Pato: While young Pato played in Italy with AC Milan, he was involved in a failed marriage and constant partying.

Cristiano Ronaldo: The accusation are never ending with this GOAT, the most recent being the allegation that he raped a school teacher in the US back in 2009.

Wayne Rooney: While his wife was pregnant with his child, Rooney had a steamy affair with a young escort. That’s not all Wazza did in terms of infidelity but… let’s stop there today.

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