Manchester United star, Paul Pogba calls himself the best in the World

Paul Pogba has been rejuvenated at Manchester United since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer replaced Jose Mourinho as manager but the midfielder believes his team-mates deserve much of the credit for his personal upturn in form.

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba spoke to Sky Sports News on Thursday afternoon

Pogba has started all five Premier League games under Solskjaer so far and provided four goals and four assists to help United claim 15 points from those matches. Speaking to Sky Sports News, Pogba said: ‘We work hard and for now we get good results. We have a new manager and obviously we want to do good. He wants to do good. Now the big challenge is to stay like this, in this way. That’s where top teams… they just carry on like this. It’s not easy but that’s what makes a big team… when they carry on at the top level and keep winning for a long time. That’s what we want.’

Pogba discussed how his form has improved under interim boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (right)

Pogba went on to stress that United should continue to focus on just one game at a time and not get too far ahead of themselves, although he admitted that winning a trophy and finishing in the top four was the objective for the remainder of the season. He was then asked about personal targets and whether staying at Old Trafford would allow himself to launch a bid to be the best player in the world. Pogba responded: ‘A player’s individual statistics comes with the team, never by yourself.

Midfielder Pogba has provided four goals and four assists in five Premier League matches

‘I always say that if we can play very well and do assists and score goals but your team lose you won’t see you. But when you win you will shine more than if you lose. So like I say, I can or I cannot… but it’s winning. When you win titles, you can get higher, but when you lose, no, they don’t see you.’ When quizzed about how his role has changed tactically since Solskjaer replaced Mourinho, Pogba was again keen to talk about the bigger picture and the whole team.

The 25-year-old said: 'A player's individual statistics comes with the team, never by yourself'

He added: ‘Everyone is liking the way we are playing, so we have more possession of the ball, we know more where to attack and where to go. We have more of a pattern and more structure. It’s makes it easier for everyone. ‘So I wouldn’t say only myself. Yeah, I’ve scored a few goals and got a few assists, but it’s the whole team.’

Pogba, seen with Marcus Rashford (No 10) and Victor Lindelof (right), praised his team-mates