Revealed! See what Juventus legend has to say about druggs and footballers

Juventus legend and Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has opened up about having taken drugs as an ultra during his days as a teenager back in Italy.The Italian legend saw out his contract with Juve this past summer and signed up for PSG on a free transfer thereafter.
Image result for buffon in actionBuffon was recently talking at a Vanity Fair event recently and he asked about him being an ultra during his childhood. The goalkeeper told stories of times when he was part of the Ultras gang and even took drugs once. He said: ” I was an ultra, of the Commando Ultrà Indian Tips, the name of the group of fans that followed the Carrarese , its still printed on my gloves,
Image result for buffon in action“As a boy I was harboring a feeling of omnipotence and invincibility, I felt indestructible. I thought I could overdo, to do what I wanted.”
Related imageWhen asked about whether he ever took drugs when he was part of that Ultra gang, Buffon admitted that he did take drugs once. He said:  “I did it once. If anything, I remember the cloud of smoke that surrounded the Casertana fans, a fog caused not by smoke, but by 200 pipes smoked all together : it’s as if I have seen it now.”