Real Madrid boss, Solari aims a dig at Ronaldo, Isco

Real Madrid manager, Santiago Hernán Solari appeared on Wednesday morning before the media to analyse the previous match of the Copa del Rey on Thursday against Melilla, and looks to aim a dig at former ace, Cristiano Ronaldo and midfielder, Isco, saying “No player is eternally entitled to be called ‘X'”.

Duel against Melilla: “They play well, they are the leaders of their group in Segunda B and we will have to fight to get the game forward.”

Dismiss the Madrid and its Gold Balls by the words of Simeone: I do not know what the Cholo said, I respect him and I admire him and I love him. He has also been my coach. Luka has made a wonderful year, he has given everything to Madrid and Croatia and the prize comes at a time of maturity and is even more beautiful.

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He can give his just value, his year and his career. We are all very happy for the prize. On the signings: “I do not know how the subject is, the winter signings are not in my area of ​​competence.”

About the quarry:There are 150 players that went through the lower divisions that are playing in professional soccer today. That reflects the great work. There are a lot of people that you can not name who are doing a great job. ”

On Modric: “Now the focus should be on him, he’s probably enjoying it a lot, because these awards at his age are more enjoyable.”

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The ownership of Isco: “There are 24 players on the squad plus those who can play Castilla, I am seeing them all working with enthusiasm and enthusiasm This Thursday is a party and many people will come, we want to see several players on the field.

“I manage social networks and I did not see Isco’s picture, if you put the focus on the one that did not play, you will always have someone to ask me about. ”

Does Isco lack intensity? “Their job is to discuss those who play and those who do not, they are talking all day about this, the players have to give their best to be able to be available and give their best, then there are selections, form lows. All that exists, the coaches’ job is to choose well and not make mistakes, they are all debatable. ”

Unquestionable is Courtois, Marcelo … “Today, but we do not know what will happen tomorrow, obviously I speak with Modric’s affection because he has just won the Golden Ball but also other soccer players”.

On the Spain-Argentina relationship. “First of all I am Argentine and Spanish, I have both nationalities, my grandmother was from Vigo, I have Galician roots, I feel Spanish and Argentine, I have been lucky to play in many places and each country has its identity, in Spain the ball is the key, in Italy the strategy prevails, in Argentina we have a little bit of everything because we are a country of emigrants “.

Keyor, substitute: “We need everyone to be well, the most important thing is that how the group goes, and that is always the sum of each one”.

New competition between Llorente and Casemiro: “In football there are players with good performance and they do it constantly and that’s why they are 10 or 12 years old, but none have played forever because X is called, Maradona is now a coach and Pelé is with FIFA ”

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