Buffon echoes Chiellini sentiments about Cristiano Ronaldo

PSG goalkeeper Gigi Buffon admitted that he misses playing for the Old Lady but he also revealed an interesting fact about Cristiano Ronaldo. On the same night that Chiellini had said that Juventus were a strong team without Ronaldo, and his arrival only made them better, Buffon claims would have left the Turin giants even if he had known that Ronaldo was going to sign for Juventus.

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The Former Italy and Juventus starsaid it all on Monday night at the Gran Gala del Calcio. “For me, it was time to call it a day with Juve and probably other Juventus players had the same feeling. The only way to convince all of them to stay was to sign Ronaldo”.

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“I’ve won titles for seven years. Even if you are the best team, wins are never easy. Especially at a psychological level it’s not easy to remain at the top, I could have ended my career, I was not opening to playing in an exotic league. I wanted to play at the highest levels and Psg gave me this opportunity. It was a natural decision but I parted company with Juve in a ‘sweat’ way. Everybody agreed.”

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“Sometimes the right thing to do is simply take different paths, I’d like to face Juventus in Champions League but not in the final. It would be too hard for me, I am not sure I would make the best saves, I’d accept to face Juventus in any other round of the competition.”

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