FIFA turns attention to match fixing in Nigeria Professional Football League

According to reports the World football governing body Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has turned attention to the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL), as the league is currently at the centre of an international match-fixing secret scrutiny, which could explode with several indictments.

Image result for NPFL VS FIFAPoignant information reaching reveals that world soccer governing body, FIFA recently direct special checks by the continental affiliate, Confederation of African Football (CAF) on the Nigerian league.

Related imageIt was learnt that the scrutiny was instigated by the recent agreement by NPFL club owners and the country’s League Management Company (LMC) to abruptly end the season, in order to ostensibly meet up with CAF’s deadline on registrations for continental club competitions.

Image result for LMC logoHowever, it was gathered further that the truncated league season in Nigeria only accentuated rising worries over suspicions of match fixing in the country, which was said to be reeling in the background all along.

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Concerned international soccer watchdogs had since last year been sounding out several Nigerian club administrators, coaches, referees, players’ agents and scouts over suspicions raised by secret assessors.

An often-reliable source confined that he was among those recently accosted by international assessors to comment on fears of match fixing in the Nigerian league.
The source said he was shocked with the amount of data presented by the assessors, who he alleged even had video evidence that could indict several top shots among club administrators and league organisers.

Image result for FIFA“It is a sordid situation,” the source screamed. ‘I couldn’t believe my eyes when they showed me what they had.
“In fact, there are some people that were mentioned in the dossier who I would never have thought could be involved in anything like this.

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“The only thing that is stopping these people from going public for now is that no one has come up with a petition or protest over what is said to be happening underground in the Nigerian league.

Image result for LMC vs NPFL“However, the way it is going, especially with our abridged league that is unprecedented across the world, you may hear something about this issue before the year runs out, and the heads of many big men will roll.”