Trouble already? Arsenal manager set to face a very difficult task come January

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Shortly after the Premier League summer transfer window was closed, Arsenal was about to start worrying about the winter window. According to the “Daily Telegraph” report, Arsenal coach Emery will face a huge player salary limit in the winter transfer window in January next year. Although Wilshere, Cazorla and Perez left Arsenal this summer, the Gunners also introduced Leno, Papastatopoulos, Guendozzi and Lichsteiner, and also xhaka and Maitland Niles completed the renewal, which increased the salary they needed to pay.

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The Daily Telegraph pointed out that there is still a big reason for this situation, that is, Arsenal signed Aubameyang and Mikhitaryan in January this year, and the Gunners also provided Özil with A new contract with a weekly salary of more than £300,000.

Although there are still some players who can leave before the international transfer window closes, Arsenal still wants to renew with Ramsey. The Daily Telegraph believes that Arsenal will not be able to make important signings if there is no major transfer.

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But this situation will not continue. There will be a new shirt sponsorship contract next summer, which will improve the situation. Emirates’ new advertising sponsorship, as well as the first use of the armband sponsorship, will bring Arsenal an additional £20 million in annual revenue. In addition, the “Daily Telegraph” revealed that Adidas is expected to replace Hummer in 2019 to become Arsenal’s new shirt sponsor, so the gunmen hope to get 20 million pounds a year