Apostle Suleman Reveals Secrets Around The Death Of Apostle Joseph Agboli, Wife Vindicated!

Vindication came calling for the wife of Apostle Joseph Agboli of The Victorious Army Ministries International during a LIVE ministration of Apostle Johnson Suleman.

In a now-viral video, the wife of the well respected Man of God, Apostle Joseph Agboli, has been vindicated by divine words of knowledge from Apostle Johnson Suleman in an unmistakable outplay of providence.

Prophetess Blessing Agboli had suffered unfounded finger-pointing and accusations from some members of the clergy’s family since he died. According to fake news published by Sahara Reporters and some other online platforms, the aggrieved elder sister of the late Man of God went out of her way to make several unkind and uncouth allegations against his wife, adding more pain to her grief.

Interestingly, in a rather fast twist of fate, the younger sister to the late clergy who happens to be a member of Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Omega Fire Ministries encountered the vibrant preacher who made some incisive revelations through words of knowledge.


Apostle Suleman revealed that Apostle Joseph Agboli was too steeped in the glory of the Almighty to be killed by an ordinary human. He further advised the Agboli family to beg Prophetess Blessing for her forgiveness to avoid severe repercussions.