Mazabuka Mayor, Wife Allegedly Clobbered By UPND Youth Leader

Mazabuka Mayor, Vincent Lilanda and his wife, are nursing injuries after the duo were allegedly assaulted by Mazabuka District UPND Youth Chairperson identified as Bright Hamweenda, at Mazabuka Golf Club last night.

According to details obtained by Diamond News from the victim, Vincent Lilanda, the incident happened when he alongside his wife, enroute to town from their farm, decided to make a stop at the Golf Club to buy takeaway meals when they ran into Hamweenda whom he accused of having started hurling insults the moment he saw him.

Mr Lilanda added that it was during the tense moment when he tried to establish why Hamweenda was issuing disparaging remarks, while his wife, who was in the vehicle intervened in attempt to defuse the tension, but was allegedly struck by the youth leader, hence she fainted.

However, when contacted, Mr Hamweenda refuted the Mayor’s claim that he was the attacker, but that he merely defended himself when Mr Lilanda’s wife pushed him prompting a retaliation.

He reveals that contrary to assertion that the duo’s misunderstanding is as a result of a dispute over awarding of contracts in the district, the unhappy youth leader claims the rift begun when the Mayor allegedly used some youths to fight him.