Don’t Be Deceived By Northern Elders’ Call For Buhari’s Resignation – PFN

Anambra State Chairman, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Bishop Moses Ezedebego has cautioned Nigerians not to be carried away by the antics of some Northern elders under the platform,Northern Elders Forum (NEF) calling for the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari from office.

The group had within the week called for the resignation of the President over worsening insecurity in the country which has taken a toll on the economic and social life of citizens besides several loss of innocent lives to banditry and acts of terrorism.

Bishop Ezedebego in his Easter message to Nigerians on the Easter celebration which is highly reverred in Christendom warned Nigerians not to take the Northern elders call for the President’s resignation serious, stressing that it was meant to distract Nigerians who feel disappointed at Buhari’s current outing as President of Nigeria.

The PFN boss who expressed sadness over the state of insecurity and economic downturn in the country further asked rhetorically why the northern elders are now distancing themselves from the President when he(Buhari) is about leaving office.

He explained that the call was suspicious as the north might be hatching a grand plan to plant another Fulani man from any political party to replace Buhari.

“Nigerians should be on their guard not to be deceived by the recent antics of these northern elders.Where have they been in the last four years that the country is being marred by incompetence and poor leadership? Suddenly they are expressing concern over President Buhari’s incompetence to rule the country when he is leaving office in 2023 as provided in the nation’s constitution”.

He said if given another opportunity the north would still vote for Buhari because of tribe and religion. He commended Christian religious leaders who are currently grooming political leaders to salvage the country, adding that this was not the time for good Christians to distance themselves from politics.

Bishop Ezedebego in his message commended former Gov.Peter Obi’s declaration to contest 2023 Presidency, stressing that as a Nigerian he was constitutionally empowered to contest in the polls.
Source – Daily Independent




World War III Has Already Started, Russian State TV Declares

Russian state TV propagandists have declared that World War III had already started after Ukrainian forces managed to sink Vladimir Putin’s Black Sea flagship, the Moskva.

The Kremlin’s main propaganda mouthpiece went off on a rant last night after the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet was taken out.

The flagship sank while being towed to port yesterday after suffering heavy damage under circumstances that remained in dispute, Daily Mail reports.

Kyiv said it was struck by two Neptune cruise missiles fired by a coastal battery, which struck the port side of the vessel, causing it to roll over.

Olga Skabeyeva, one of Putin’s leading propagandists said Western support for Ukraine amounted to direct conflict with Russia.

She said, “What it’s escalated into can safely be called World War Three. That’s entirely for sure.

“Now we’re definitely fighting against NATO infrastructure, if not NATO itself. We need to recognise that.”

Military commentator Dmitry Drozdenko said on separate state-run Channel 1: “In actual fact a full-scale multi-level war is underway with the collective West. And the West has long been preparing for the war.”

Anchor Olesya Loseva, host of Vremya Pokazhet, told viewers that the West was now supplying “zillions of weapons” to Ukraine.

She claimed Ukraine was doing the West’s bidding by carrying out “yet more provocations, bloody, horrible, completely unthinkable.”

These will “force people to shudder once again and say that Russia Is a country which is unworthy of even being on the world map and that all Russians should simply be wiped off the face of the earth”.

Skabeyeva also claimed that Ukrainians were delighted to see Russian troops in their country.

She said, “for some reason ordinary Ukrainians themselves aren’t noticing any genocide.

“In the Kharkiv region, they’re welcoming our soldiers like real liberators.

“People are coming out with Russian tricolours onto the streets where our military kit is.

“The people of Kharkiv are accusing not the Russian army of genocide, but the Ukrainian armed forces.”
Source – Sahara Reporters