UPND Govt Is Full Of Businessmen, President HH Will Sell State House Soon – Given Lubinda

Former Minister of Justice, Given Lubinda, has called out the current government and leader, President Hakainde Hichilema and the ‘New Dawn’ government. Saying they are all businessmen, who just want to rip off the goodness in Zambia and Zambians as a whole.

He also claimed that the UPND govt is making K8 from every litre of fuel sold in the country. Recalling a statement HH made while the PF was in government, he quoted president HH as saying “The PF Cartel is killing us, they make K3 from every fuel being sold in Zambia.”

Now he said, “Can I also make this claim that the UPND Cartel and HH are ripping Zambians off, they make K8 from every fuel you buy in the country, and yet he talks about fighting corruption. They are the corrupt ones Zambians need to cut off.”

Lubinda said the leader does not care about the average Zambians living below the poverty line. says he only cares about his own, what goes into his stomach and he is fine.

“President Hakainde Hichilema and his government are business men, and very soon he will sell the state house.