How Ihiala Election Disappointed APC, PDP And Others That Planned To Neutralize Soludo’s Victory

Some political parties had planned to neutralize the wide margin with which Prof. Charles Soludo of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, was leading in the Anambra election.

In fact, Valentine Ozigbo of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, had hinted that he was hopeful of victory ahead of the Ihiala supplementary poll. Also, the All Progressives Congress, APC, had bragged that it would overrun Soludo in Ihiala poll given its

Moreover, it claimed that when the votes from other areas where supplementary elections are taking place have been added up, its candidate, Andy Uba, might beat Soludo. Those were the brags. Anambrarians and Nigerians eagerly waited for actions to see if the reality would match all the boasts.

The calculations

True, Soludo has over 103,000 votes in the bag even before the supplementary poll in Ihiala while Ozigbo had a little above 51,000 votes. As for Uba, he had about 43,000 votes. Meanwhile, there were about 148,000 votes at stake in Ihiala according to a report by The Nation. The calculation by PDP and APC is that they could win far higher votes than Soludo in Ihiala to neutralize his lead.

APC might have made some moves to team up with others in the race to get a block vote. Whether that move did not pull through is a different ball game. But, if any of the two parties (PDP or APC) had the kind of popularity it bragged about in Ihiala, things might have been different (Or better put, so they thought).

How PDP, APC, and others were disappointed

The very first thing that disappointed PDP, APC, and others that thought they would carry the day was poor voter turnout. According to a report by The Cable, out of over 148, 000 registered voters, there were only 12,002 total valid votes cast in the supplementary election in Ihiala. This is contrary to the expectations of PDP, APC, and others that felt they would overrun Soludo in that LGA. This reality means that even if one of the parties wins all the valid votes cast, that would not stop Soludo from winning the main election.

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Again, there was another big disappointment for them. This second disappointment was what Soludo did with his party. Soludo won the highest number of votes in Ihiala which left his opponents surprised. He polled 8,283 votes while Ozigbo got 2,485 votes. APC came far behind as Uba received only 343 votes from that Ihiala. With that, Soludo simply sealed his victory as APGA had earlier said.

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Before the election, APGA boasted that Ihiala was its stronghold adding that Soludo would win comfortably in that LGA. It eventually happened. So, the low turnout of voters and Soludo’s high number of votes disappointed PDP, APC, and others that felt they would neutralize Soludo with high votes from Ihiala.

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