Soludo’s Victory: Anambra People Should Be Grateful To FG For Militarizing The State And South-East

The controversial and much anticipated Anambra gubernatorial election has eventually come to a peaceful end. It was indeed a battle against the country’s democracy but the determination of the federal government and the resolve of the Anambra people were enough to protect the country’s democracy.

The election was indeed a challenging one but, the candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) emerged victorious at the end of the day. Prof. Chukwuma Soludo polled a total of 112,229 votes to defeat his fellow aspirants.

More precisely, Soludo secured the highest votes in 19 local government areas out of the 21 local governments areas that made up Anambra state. However, as people of Anambra state are celebrating the dividends of democracy, they should also recognize the efforts of the federal government in the just concluded gubernatorial election.

Initially, there were heavy threats from non-state actors about their plans to boycott the November 6 gubernatorial election in Anambra state. Some groups even issued a compulsory one-week sit-at-home order in the Southeastern region to mitigate the chances of a successful and peaceful election in Anambra state. With these circumstances, the Anambra gubernatorial election was in big doubt until the federal government stepped in.

Understanding the palpable fear created by these non-state actors, the federal government deemed it necessary to protect the political and civic interests of the people of Anambra state. With this, the federal government militarized the Southeastern region and Anambra state in particular. First, the Exercise Golden Dawn was launched in the region and there was the heavy military presence in the region. More so, the Police Force deployed over 35,000 personnel alongside 10 helicopters. These security measures by the federal government are the backbone of the peaceful election that was recently held in Anambra state.


By militarizing Anambra state, the federal government allayed the fears of the citizenry over the threats from non-state actors. These security measures arrested the increasing insecurity in Anambra state and provided an enabling environment for the gubernatorial election.

Without the timely intervention of the federal government, the Anambra people might not have been able to exercise their franchise. With this, it is very necessary that the people of Anambra state and Southeastern Nigeria at large should be grateful to the federal government for militarizing the region and Anambra state in particular.