Now that Anambra election has held successfully, there is nothing more IPOB can threaten FG with

For most of the electioneering period, IPOB had maintained that elections would not hold in Anambra state and implored the people to stay at home during the election.

The threat to disrupt election procedures came even before Nnamdi Kanu was arrested. However, when it became clear that the federal government had no intention of releasing Nnamdi Kanu without charging him to court, the group opted to use Nnamdi Kanu’s release as an incentive, stating that elections would not hold until their leader was released.

The election has come and gone; a report has it that the All progressive grand alliance APGA and Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo have emerged as the winner.

Prof. Soludo polled 25% of the total votes of each local government and won in 19 out of the 21 local governments of the state, including Ihiala local government, where he got 8,283 votes and led his closest opponent by more than 5000 votes.

The situation does not just represent a victory for Soludo and his party; it is also a thing of joy for the people of the Southeast, who were determined to exercise their franchise and resist the threat of the people.

Tellingly, the determination by the people to determine their future would have amounted to nothing had the federal government not been up and doing in ensuring the success of the election through the deployment of prodigious human and material assets to the states.

Now that it is a win-win situation for the federal government and the indigenes, it remains to be seen how IPOB would fashion out a new ploy to hold the government to ransom.

If there is anything that the success of this election shows, the federal government is very well in control of every aspect of the country and can effectively conduct elections in the southeast region come 2023.

Moreover, the traditional Monday sit-at-home order is only a problem to the state governments and not the federal government as only internally generated revenue is affected when people sit out Mondays.

If the sit-at-home order were having any significant toll on the federal government, the group would have added Tuesday or Wednesday, given their desperation to get Nnamdi Kanu out of the hands of DSS.

So the people can now sit back and enjoy the dividends of democracy while Nnamdi Kanu goes through his trial process in peace because the group’s use of a “peaceful election” as an incentive to set him free didn’t work out well.