Why Uzodimma Failed to Fulfill His Promise to Deliver Anambra to APC in the Governorship Election

The Anambra State Governorship election has come and gone, but the ripples of the two-day event will continue to influence political narratives and discourse in the South East region for years to come.

Even though the All Progressive Grand Alliance is the ruling party in the state, but it came under intense pressure from the All Progressives Congress which deployed all the resources at its disposal in a bid to take control of the state from APGA.

At a point APC made APGA look like the underdog in the election through its strategy of political propaganda and massive defection. And even though APGA had a popular candidate in the person of Professor Chukwuma Soludo, yet many people feared that victory could fall to APC.

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One of the major reasons why many people gave APC a strong chance in the run-up to the election was because its campaign was led by Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma, highly regarded for his political craftsmanship and grassroots mobilization abilities.

Before the election, the Imo State Governor declared to Channels TV that APC will win Anambra. Many people believed that as far as politics is concerned, Uzodimma had the magic wand to deliver on his promise.

But apparently, his magic wand failed him in Anambra as APGA won the election by a landslide with APC coming a distant third. So what happened to Uzodimma’s famed magic wand? Why couldn’t he deliver Anambra to APC as promised?

Uzodimma has a huge reputation issue among Igbo voters

Take an opinion poll in the entire South East on Uzodimma, not many people will have a lot of good things to say about him. Many Igbos are not pleased with his brand of politics because they believe he puts self-interest about the region’s interest.

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Even though there may not be hard facts to back that up, but that is the dominant sentiment in the region. That trust deficit undermines his political capital; therefore anything he says is viewed with suspicion by many voters. And in Anambra, that became the reality.

His Supreme Court victory still leaves a sour taste in the mouth of many Ndi’Igbos

Nobody argues with the fact that Uzodimma is by law the legitimate Governor of Imo State. It is a verdict that has been sanctioned by the highest court in the land, yet the Governor has struggled for acceptance among many Igbos. He carries a burden of legitimacy in the minds of many Imo people because his mandate was obtained through the antics of the court and not by the ballot. This has affected his public image and acceptance in the entire Igbo region. This baggage of legitimacy may have played a role in the outcome of the Anambra election.

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