Seer 1 And Prophet Ian Genesis In Battle Of Words – VIDEO

Prophet Andrew Ejimadu popularly known as Seer1 and don of power is seen praising Zambia’s immediate ex-president, Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, who lost the keenly contested election to UPND’s presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema.

Many are surprised as to what might have prompted this new development as everybody know Seer1 was all in support of HH winning the just concluded August elections.

He is seen praising The former president in the video he posted, citing that Lungu did a great job in Zambia, but have incapable people as advisers. He said Lungu was supposed to rule Zambia for 20 years and beyond but he failed because those he had around him were snakes who were only interested in their individual pockets.

Another video making round has seen Prophet Ian Genesis call out the self acclaimed prophet Seer 1 as a liar and a deceiver. In his words, he said: ” How can you criticize someone for years only to come here and claim he did a great work”. calling him the devil himself.

” I think there’s is something going on which we know nothing about, because it was this same See1 that told Zambians not to vote for Lungu and his party PF, claiming they are thieves and are ripping Zambia apart. Here he is now, telling us that same man he called a bad leader is the best Zambia has had so far. Isn’t that fishy?”

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