Mwaliteta Breathes Fire, Demands Home Affairs Minister And IG Act On PF Past Criminalities

Mwaliteta breathes fire, demands that Home Affairs Minister and IG act on PF past criminalities*

By Ridgeway Mulenga
26th September 2021

The ruling UPND Party Lusaka Province Chairman Obvious Mwaliteta has bemoaned the slow pace on which the Police and Home Affairs are taking in resolving the mysteries surrounding the murders committed by known PF supporters and members during the former ruling party’s reign.

He warned that the UPND youths may effect citizens’ arrests if the Home Affairs Minister Jack Mwiimbu and new Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba do not move to unravel the murders that were rampant under the PF regime where hundreds of UPND members and ordinary citizens were gunned down by known PF cadres.

“We want to know who started the market fires, we want to know who gassed innocent citizens that led to the death of hundreds of Zambians. We demand to know who attacked mourners at Leopard Hills Memorial Park and who killed Nsama Nsama, Joseph Kaunda, Mapenzi Chibulo and Lawrence Banda. We demand that Davis Chama be questioned over the shooting of Mushaukwa Mushaukwa at point blank range in Livingstone”, said Mwaliteta.

He also demanded that the Police investigate where PF cadres obtained hundreds of fire arms which they were publicly displaying and that they must be made to surrender them.

He warned that if the Police and Home Affairs were not willing to move in and bring justice, they UPND youth will do it for them.

Mwaliteta also demanded that the new Ministers immediately dissolve Boards in their Ministries as these Institutions would frustrate the UPND development agenda.

“My colleagues Honorable Ministers, what are you waiting for? Dissolve the Boards immediately, you have the mandate! These people are sabotaging the UPND agenda. Do not compromise yourselves, these are compromised people”, he said.

There has been an outcry by citizens across the board at the slow pace of the transition by the UPND government amidst fears that the PF were still controlling much of the institutional power raising concerns that they were covering up their crimes.

Mwaliteta was speaking at a press briefing held at the UPND Headquarters in Lusaka’s Rhodespark today.