Zambians Counting On DP, I Will Unseat President Hichilema – Kalaba

Zambians are counting on the DP, if president Hakainde Hichilema doesn’t do anything about Zambia’s situation soon, I will have no choice but to criticize and unseat him as he sent the former PF leader Edgar Chagwa Lungu parking out of state house. Harry Kalaba said.

Kalaba also said President Hakainde Hichilema’s government must immediately intervene against the high cost of living, saying despite businesses importing new stock at cheaper prices in view of the appreciated Kwacha, people were still buying goods at the same higher prices.

Addressing the press this morning, Kalaba said it was no mean achievement that his party emerged third, although a distant third, in the 2021 general elections behind President Hakainde Hichilema and former president Edgar Lungu.

He told the new officer bearers in his party to harmonize the party in order to achieve its aspirations to the Zambian people.

“Zambians all over the country are counting on us in DP,” Kalaba said.

He said over just a month ago, the people spoke decisively to send president Lungu and his government into retirement, saying “some of us had seen the impending downfall of the PF on the basis of their failure” to deliver to the aspirations of the people.

In that vein, Kalaba said there were lessons to be learnt by those who seek to hold public office to never be at variance with the people, saying people wanted food on their tables, a roof over their heads, employment and freedom from harassment and intimidation.

He said the DP will take the responsibility of holding President Hichilema and his government accountable while exploring areas in which they would be able to provide guidance if need be.