The Stadium For Inauguration was Filled Up Before Sunrise

Mother Theresa Said “I alone cannot Change The World But I can Cast A Stone To Cause Many Ripples”  Hakainde Hichilema Has Casted the Stone Of Joy In Zambia And It’s Causing Many Ripples Already. It is amazing to watch Zambians Unite to do what is Right. From The Night of the Elections Till this Inauguration Morning Zambia Has been Experiencing the wind of Change. One Of the Popular Prophets made some Statements about “Zambia experiencing a wind of Change after the Elections”. I didn’t take it to heart Because of the series of prophecies gone-wrong we’ve experienced prior to this elections. I can still remember a few of the Prophets who also said God Told Them Lungu would Win, well Time Will Tell Which god They were referring to. It was a Lovely Scene at the stadium this Morning Where Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Had Gotten to the Stadium Before Sunrise.



It’s Such a Joy Watching Thousands Of Zambians Gather At the Stadium Hours Before the Program Commences.



Many Of The People Had Gotten to the Stadium before The Cock Crowed. A number Of People Spoke With Our Correspondence and they expressed their joy to witness such an Historic Event.


It Is Without Doubt People Love Bally