Mutinta Explains How Kanganja And Policemen Used Teargas To Force Them Out Of Hiding

Mutinta Hichilema explains how Kanganja and his Police men used a massive haul of teargas to force them out of hiding with her husband and son.

She was almost moved to tears as she narrated the ordeal to the press, how they had them in a house for 22 hours, beating up their waiter and security personnel while demanding for their boss HH.

“My husband wanted to come out to them because he couldn’t take the bully and beating being given his innocent men, but i refused him going out because we have no idea where they are taking him.”

“I told him, do not go out there, because they may end up killing you wherever they plan to take you. wait till it daybreak, that way everyone in Zambia will be aware that you have been taken and nothing evil can be done to you.” She explained.

When they realized that we weren’t going to come out, that was when they started throwing in the Teargas cannisters to smoke us out, I dread the memory as i speak. she strutted.

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