Cost Of Living Is Not High In Zambia, HH Is Lying – GBM

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says the opposition is lying to the people that the cost of living is very high in Zambia.

Do not let the hateful opposition and HH deceive you that the economy has failed, have trust in President Lungu and PF.

From being one of Africa’s most stable republics, a place so functional that it rarely used to make international headlines, democracy in Zambia is taking a hit. In the run-up to general elections on August 12, Zambia is currently being branded a totalitarian state under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

With little time remaining ahead of the polls, the southern African country is facing a year of historic political upheaval following economic shocks due to a national debt crisis that has affected inflation; high unemployment, high cost of living and deep-rooted political intolerance have acutely affected Zambia’s socio-economic governance.

Recently, the ruling party – the Patriotic Front – managed to enact the ‘controversial’ Cyber Security Bill, which is allegedly to curtail divergent views. In addition, police brutality against members of the opposition political parties is a daily exploit. Lack of press freedom has also led to critical media outlets being closed down, abuse of state institutions and the unfair application of the Public Order Act are all being enforced prior to this years’ polls.

As the Lungu-led administration battles for re-election, an unprecedented breakdown in the rule of law and victimization of opposition political party members who are being detained on tramped-up charges for months without trial has been met with sharp reactions from a cross section of society.

The hotly contested election campaign has featured several decrees and incidents which, according to the opposition, violate democratic principles with some opposition members barred from participating in campaigns while others are still behind bars, although the constitution requires a court hearing within 48 hours.