SIMPLE AGENDA: A Smart Sports Development Tool As Vehicle For Edo Youths’ Empowerment


Seer insight and foresight into the future are often taken for granted, but at the same time, they are two uncommon treatises that reveal the missionary mind of creative leadership.

Pastor Osagie Ize- Iyamu once again, through the Simple Agenda manifests these invaluable attributes. Though the Simple Agenda predates the new Policy thrust of the Federal Ministry of Youths and Sports, which holistically redefined and removed sports and sporting events as a RECREATION to BUSINESS, the Simple Agenda still captures and encapsulates the new policy focus that sports and sporting activities are both an economic development tool and social growth vehicles

This is the cheering news for former athletes who have brought glory to Edo state to quickly buy-in and indeed take ownership of the Simple Agenda as it is primed on welfare sacrosanct to the citizens of the Heartbeat state. Indeed, not only does the Simple Agenda captures the heroics of these men and women who laboured to bring glory to the state with some still serving in various capacities as coaches and administrators, it is equally a pragmatic treatise on how the present and emerging athletes would be weaned and encouraged for greater exploits and laurels.

It will heal the wounds in the recent past which has festered leaving some of these sports heroes and heroines in deep sorrow, if not outright regret.

Abandoning athletes who spent their youth representing the country is like failing to take care of our veterans who spent their youth-serving the nation that there might be peace and tranquillity in the nation. They are now the forgotten soldiers who remember their youths with a nostalgia that has given way to atavistic resentment of all that represents the present.

Ize Iyamu

The Simple Agenda is set to show gratitude to our sports heroes and heroines. Come to think of it, these people can in their own right be useful and innovative. All they need is entrepreneurship incentives that would turn them to creative managers of men and material resources post active life.

This Simple Agenda in this regard has laid out pragmatic incentives to achieve this noble vision, by providing just basic needs of life especially decent accommodation and some welfare package to put the body and soul together.

The Simple Agenda is unique, because it has inbuilt special welfare package for athletes and set out how to optimize athletes usefulness in different capacities after their active years and also on pension when they are old.

Indeed the Simple Agenda takes the issue of welfare with utmost seriousness. As obtained in advanced
countries and even some third world nations, we must invest in public houses that are subsidized for less privileged citizens. Also feeding and health care, these are areas where government can assist it’s citizens so that basic needs don’t get out of their reach.

Therefore, as we are getting ready to welcome our new government into the Osadebe House, this is where the Simple Agenda comes in and athletes and voters alike must differentiate between government of the people against the pretender of the last four years. There must be new thinking in reaching out to the aged athletes as a reward for their past labour. Taking a holistic look at welfare will not only benefit them but the citizenry as a whole. This is where Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu would rescue Edo state with his Simple Agenda.

He can commence, God’s willing, with any forthcoming event or competition by including the past stars on the honours list for the different days. These could simply involve inviting them to the ceremonial sessions including the opening and closing ceremonies where they are introduced and honorariums arranged for them.

They should be part of the medals award ceremonies in their individual sports especially those who are not honoured at the opening or closing. Here they should present awards and also be honoured with their own packages.

This will go a long way in making them happy to serve their state and nation. Besides, the welfare package would take care of some of their needs and set them up for better days to come.

We cannot continue to be an ungrateful state. Furthermore, involving our past stars this way will open another chapter in our sports and set the agenda for creating a new era in the annals of our sports.

Who is best to start? A brand new government armed with the Simple Agenda will come to bring hope for a greater tomorrow for the state and its citizenry.

Olu Amadasun is a former board member of the Nigeria Football Federation(NFF) and former President, Sports Writers Association of Nigeria(SWAN).