2023 Presidency: Mamman Daura’s statement is reckless and inconsiderate – Northern Youth Alliance

In the wake of a recent declaration going viral in the media by Mamman Daura, a Northern elder statesman and the nephew to President Buhari with respect to rotational presidency, the Northern Youth Alliance has now come out to criticise Daura over his insightful statement.

Describing the statement as reckless and inconsiderate, the Northern Youth Alliance during an emergency meeting today explained that Mamman Daura has not been a part of the political system and relevance to President Buhari’s campaign in the last 14-years.

The group went on to say those of them who had been in the vanguard of providing actual followership to President Buhari in the last 14 years which enabled the president gather over 10million votes even when he had no authority in successive elections know very well what it took them to build such grassroot followership and for Mamman Daura to say the presidency will now be based on competency does not hold any meaning to the Northern Youths who have been made to understand the vital role the south played during President Buhari’s electioneering campaign and ultimate emergence as Commander-In-Chief.

The Northern Youth Alliance in its statement recalled the ACN and CPC merger and how the ACN came to the table with over five state governors which provided a strong back-bone on which they rode to attain the national reach needed.

Mamman Daura’s statement is truly upsetting and completely disturbing to the Northern Youths whose effort had made President Buhari to win elections by stretching a hand of fellowship to the people of the South particularly the South-West.

The Northern Youths have come to realise that the effort of  the South actually won elections for President Buhari and as such they are disowning in its entirety the expression made by Mamman Daura, regarding it as being mindless and extremely selfish.

It is on record that some Governors are trying their best to destabilise the political equation and as such have gone to incite Mamman Daura to make such a disruptive statement in a bid to confuse the whole of the Northern Youths and its voting population.

The Northern Youth Alliance in a statement issued by National leader, Oseni Daura, “we recognise that for there to be stability and peace it is only fair for the South to taste the presidency and that is where the Northern Youths stand at this point”.

He went on to add that, “we are in contact with every youth association in every zone in the North and we are in unison and agreement not to upset the political equation in the country. We are imploring all stakeholders to assist President Buhari to take the right decision that’ll be in the right interest of the country. Mamman Daura’s approach will only complicate the political landscape of Nigeria which is in no way to the advantage of the President who we all know is a peacemaker. We hereby categorically state that Mamman Daura’s opinion remains his personal opinion and that of his family and not the entire youth population of the North. We are the most important factor in the voting population in the North and as such we are prepared to back and fully support a Southern president”.
Oseni Daura concluded that the president be exonerated the from such insensitivity as opined by Malam Mamman Daura, whose statement we are convinced had no semblance of the president’s interest .
The North is very interested in the cohesiveness of Nigeria as one entity and if fairness is crucial to equity, the south should rationally be allowed to bring such competence to bear .