COVID-19: FairMoney donates N2 Million to to provide food for vulnerable Nigerians during this lockdown

Due to the Corvid-19 pandemic that has ravaged 95% of the world with the infectious disease crippling economic activities across the globe, FairMoney has decided to come to the aid to of vulnerable Nigerians by offering food and aids to those whose livelihood has been affected by the economic and physical lockdown.

FairMoney has donated the sum of Two Million Naira to to help ease the hardship of some vulnerable customers and Nigerians during the lockdown. With this donation, a thousand families will be fed for an entire

“We’re passionate about seeing people and businesses succeed and we’ve shown this passion by creating a platform that helps anyone access a quick loan from the comfort of their homes. The COVID-19 situation has greatly impacted the lives of some of our customers negatively. From the feedback we’ve received, businesses are having a hard time and people are struggling to put food on the table. 65% of Nigerians earn daily wages from the informal sector and the strict lockdown in Lagos, Abuja, Ogun, and now spreading to all major cities and states in Nigeria has had a huge effect on how they generate money.

We want to be a support system to vulnerable Nigerians in these trying times and we’ve spotted the platform as a platform that can help us put smiles on the faces of people during this period.”, said Julian Flosbach, General Manager at FairMoney.

When asked about what brought about the platform, Kola Masha, Founder at & Babban Gona said, “We have been inspired by the collective willingness we have seen amongst Nigerians to help their fellow citizens at a critical time. When we have millions of vulnerable people that need help, we cannot rely on the contributions or interventions of others, we must all come together to support them. This is the vision for; for ordinary Nigerians to have access to a platform that can safely and securely deliver assistance to those that need it.

We believe that with the partners we have been able to bring together, the civic spirit we have seen, and the support we have received from Nigeria’s private sector, we can quickly achieve a system that provides 1 million meals for Nigerians each week. Through, those in need are able to access donated food at a convenient supermarket near them.”

FairMoney believes that with the weekly N2000 per person model offers, as many as a thousand families will be fed for an entire week.

Laurin Hainy, CEO and Founder at FairMoney further echoed, “During uncertain times like these, I’m a strong believer in being your neighbour’s keeper. I am happy that we could make our thoughts become reality through
our donation and”

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