Covid-19: Too many conspiracy theories and ZERO facts – ODM Publisher/PHARMACIST, Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe

Our Daily Manna Publisher, Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe, a has warned Nigerians and indeed the world to desist from peddling unverified information, sharing conspiracy theories, fear mongering and also abusing and overdosing on ‘Chloroquine’ as treatment for the novel Coronavirus – COVID-19

Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe, the founder and senior pastor of Manna Prayer Mountain (MPM) Ministry Worldwide is also a trained pharmacist from the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) where bagged his first degree in 1983 in Pharmacy.

In his words, ‘there’s no doubt that there’s alot of panic in the world at this time because of this pandemic. I see a lot of fear, and too many conspiracy theories with no scientific backing. My pain is that some of these theories are peddled by medically un-inforned pastors and ‘over night scientists’. In the middle of all the chaos we must however remain level headed and not harm ourselves the more by using drugs that are yet to be certified or undergo proper clinical trials.”

‘As a trained pharmacist and man of God, I’m using this medium to advise everyone not to rush into buying or even overdosing on the much publicized HydroxyChloroquine because it remains yet to be certified as the cure for Coronavirus. Accelerated clinical trials are on but results may not be forthcoming till April 2021. There could be some glimmer of hope by June 2020. However avoid using local and unverified local herbs.

The greatest solution for now are:

1. Practising SOCIAL distancing.

2. Imbibing healthy habits like washing your hands and frequently wiping used surfaces with soap and water’.

Bishop Chris also weighed in on the controversial surrounding the installation of 5G networks and the Coronavirus pandemic.

“There’s no scientific prove that connects 5G to Coronavirus, and neither is it in the bible. For example, there are very useful medicines or drugs that have terrible side effects. It does not make them evil. So also is technology. All these are conspiracy theories that should not be encouraged. Its fear mongering and we should try as much as possible to stay away from unfounded rumours such as this because the “fear virus” may be as deadly as the Coronavirus because fear breaks down your immunity.

Avoid anybody – Pastor or Politician who is throwing fear at you. They are actually digging your grave because when your immunity is broken down via fear, then any disease can get you quickly. Be positive, trust God, we shall overcome this together’.