PF Will Lose In 2021, People Will Die And Not Even Jesus Can Stop My Power – Seer 1

A Nigerian Prophet Seer 1 has vowed that he does not care whether his power is coming from God or his Fore-fathers because people will die.

PF will lose 2021 elections even if they pray from Heaven to earth not even Jesus can stop my power because all is set and done. All those MPs and Ministers having his ‘things’ should take them back, he insists.

Speaking to Diamond Television on a Program ‘Today in a Snap’ via a WhatsApp conversation, Prophet Seer 1 says his powers has a certain influence.

Asked if he will maintain that PF will lose power in 2021, Seer 1 vowed that even if God was to come, from heaven, nothing can change the fact that PF is going and Lungu is leaving the state house.

He also confessed that he killed a Zambian young DJ and Media Personality Caristo Chitanfya Jr because he did not follow certain instructions.

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This story first appeared on Zambianobserver
Video credit: Zambianobserver