VIDEO: Zambia is not poor, idiots in government are the ones stealing the wealth – Saviour Chishimba

One of the opposition leaders in Zambia Saviour Chishimba has said “Zambia is not poor”, attributing the institutional rot to the poor leadership of President Edgar Lungu of PF party.

Chishimba, the President of the United Progressive People (UPP) in Zambia in more than 6 minutes video published by Zambia Observer said, “We need strong institution of government, that’s when Zambia will feel valued.

“Zambia is not poor, the idiots in government are the ones stealing the wealth that belongs to the people,” he said.

Dr. Chishimba was previously chairman of Zambia’s National Youth Development Council, a body under the Ministry of Youth and Sports which oversees several youth-related programs and projects.

Before the last general elections, he promised to reposition Zambia in the Community of Nations “to collectively meet the tidal waves of challenges that incessantly pound on the Global Agenda,” if he won.