Nigerians Lash Out At Buhari’s Govt Over Mandatory N3000 Fee For Renewal Of National Identity Card

Nigerians have taken to social micro-blogging platform, twitter to express their dissatisfaction at the newly announced fee for renewal of the National Identity Card.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) had earlier announced a mandatory fee of N3000 to be paid for renewal of the card. The agency in a tweet said ‘Enrolment, first card issuance are free but subsequent services like modification of data, renewal/ replacement of card have fees attached as they are at the request of the citizen.’ but Nigerians apparently are having none of it.

Notable individuals who have reacted to the new development are popular actress, Kate Henshaw and activist Segun.

Kate Henshaw reacted rather sternly saying all these unnecessary enforcement with no card in sight were truly absurd, adding that but then again this is Nigeria:


Popular activist, @segalink in his own reaction said, ‘They don’t care about feedback. Isn’t it ridiculous that they are working on giving an identity to the populace without identifying with them. What a catastrophic approach to creating a sense of ownership.’ He then went ahead to react to the agency’s claim that Nigerians have warmly embraced the directive as being a blatant lie and misinformation.

He said ‘This is gross misinformation. You don’t force a policy that doesn’t do what it states on the people and go out to broadcast an acceptance. Nigerians can not be deemed to have embraced what was “mandated” on them. This is a paradox. “Nigerians are being COERCED at gun point…’


Another twitter user Daniel Green Eshiet @greenaetion added rather rhetorically in pidgin saying its just N5000 only adding that that is the money they promised to pay unemployed youths back in 2015 but that they now want to collect it back since they have promised to lift 100 million people out of poverty:

Below are more reactions monitored by Opera News: