PF on a rampage in Kanyama attacking innocent people and breaking cars

The PF are on a rampage in Kanyama, attacking innocent people and breaking cars is something one cannot fathom or find an explanation for, this is after UPND cadres left for the burial of their slain colleague Lawrence at Memorial Park.

This is how lawless Zambia has been reduced to under the PF and president Edgar Lungu’s leadership. The police are just watching the cadres hacking citizens with machetes and ‘pangas’ at Soweto market as they wreck havoc on business, personal goods and properties.

The PF cadres have become a necessary doom to avoid, and we can just hope that this situation is resolved and settled by both parties with the heads calling on their subjects as the innocents Zambians are at the receiving end of this plague.

The police has been dispersed to calm the situation and we hope to get a great feedback. pray for Barotseland, pray for mother Zambia.


Source: This story first surfaced on Zambianobserver.

Image Source: Zambianobserver.


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