IS This Video Doctored? Buhari Reading A Prepared Speech As Response To Question, And Saying Completely Different Thing

There has been a heated debate on Social media if this video of the President at the United Nation’s General Assembly in New York on Tuesday was doctored or not.


In the video, Buhari was asked the pathway Nigeria has for a resilient future for the country’s young population, but the President’s response was about Climate Change.

Watch video below carefully and note your observations.

When social media users started expressing doubt that the video may have been altered, as it appeared to have skipped between when question was asked and when the president responded, t turned out that some of the President’s aides also shared the same video.

New media aide, Bashir Ahmad did and later deleted. Digital media aide, Tolu Ogunlesi also shared the video.

What’s your take on this video? Drop your comments below.