Remo Omokri Slams “Coward” Nigerians For Not Attack Buhari The Way The Did Jonathan

Remo Omkori, former new media aide to ex President Goodluck Jonathan has slammed Nigerians for the gross absence of outrage to some of the policies of the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

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According to the author, Nigerians have failed to hold the Buhari administration accountable with the same energy they employed during Jonathan’s tenure.

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In a twitter message on Wednesday, the self acclaimed “Buhari Tormentor” reeled out some of the policies of the present administration he considered bad and wondered why there was yet to be a collective outrage.

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“They INCREASED FUEL, you didn’t TALK They INCREASED PASSPORT COST, you couldn’t TALK They INCREASED VAT, you wouldn’t TALK They‘re now INCREASING ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE COSTS and you still cant TALK If it was under @GEJonathan, your mouth would have been RUNNING!”