Mugabe’s Sacrifices Will Always Be Remembered- Buhari Says 

Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, has sent his condolences to the government and people of Zimbabwe over the demise of Robert Mugabe, the founding father and a former President of the country.

Mugabe’s death was announced on Friday morning by President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe.

In a statement by Femi Adesina, his spokesman, President Buhari commiserated with the family, friends and political associates of Mugabe who had fought for the independence of Zimbabwe from colonial rule. Mugabe was a political activist who lived the majority of his life in active public service.

The ex-President died at the age of 95 having battled with ill health for some time.

In November 2017, Mugabe was ousted out of government via a military coup, thus bringing his 37 years of power to an end.

President Buhari in his address stated that he believes that Mugabe’s sacrifices, especially his struggles for the political and economic emancipation of his country, saying that he would always be remembered by posterity.

He prayed for the soul of Mugabe to be granted eternal rest and also for comfort for his loved ones.

The early years of Mugabe as Zimbabwe President were praised for broadening access to health and education for the black majority in the country. His land reform programme in later years, however, sparked an economic collapse with his last years in office marked by corruption and rights abuses.

The late ex-President remained defiant in spite of the noticeable decline of the country during his rule. He was against the West for what he described as their neo-colonialist attitude and called on fellow Africans to take full control of their resources.

He was loyal in passing across this message even as most African countries tilted towards democracy shedding away the strongman model.

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