100 Days After May 29: Seyi Makinde Makes Promising Start in Oyo State 

When on May 29, 2019, Seyi Makinde took his oath of office before a mammoth crowd at the Obafemi Awolowo Stadium, Oke-Ado in Ibadan many certainly looked forward to better days in the state.

And as it stands, it appears if there is one governor a large section of the Nigerians agree on his level of performance it most probably is the Oyo State governor.

Without mincing words, Governor Seyi Makinde’s performance has been nothing short of sterling in his first 100 days in office.

And everyone across board appears to agree on this. From the media to Oyo state indigenes and the larger Nigerian citizenry, the assessment is the same.

This explains why the Vanguard newspaper in its recent run-down of top-performing governors rated him number one, a run through twitter attests to this also.

The reasons for this are not far fetched.

His Many Firsts…

The governor surprised many when immediately upon resumption fulfilled one of his many campaigns promises to publicly declare his assets upon resumption of office. This was a feat which before now, was to a large extent alien to the Nigerian political space.

This is because even Nigeria’s number one man, President Buhari had refused to publicly make his assets known upon re-election in February even though this was submitted to the Code of Conduct Bureau.

Just before he fully settled down, Seyi Makinde cancelled the N1,000 per term fee paid by public school pupils in the state. This was one of the campaign promises that initially endeared him to parents in the state

Next Governor Seyi Makinde declared that he was donating his monthly salary for the next four years to pensioners in the state to widespread public praise and then went ahead to ban the activities of the transport union in a bid to sanitise and improve the security in and around the state.

Another major highlight of the governor’s one hundred days in office is in the payment of salaries.

Reports have it that the governor has ensured that civil servants are paid on the 25th of every month. This no doubt has endeared him to the state’s civil servants, teachers and retirees.

Another stride worthy of note is the governor’s steps in quelling the feud which has arisen within Oyo state traditional rulers.

It would be recalled that the former governor of the state, Abiola Ajimobi had elevated twenty-one Chiefs and Baales in the state to first-class Obas thus causing confusion and tension within the traditional rulers.

According to the then governor, the move to review the 1957 Olubadan Chieftaincy declaration was as a result of the several requests for its review to allow the traditional rulers compete favourably with others but it was gathered that this had been done rather in a bid to whittle down the powers and influence of the Olubadan of Ibadan land.

The governor upon resumption of office has initiated moves aimed at nipping the controversy in the bud and it is on record that with his being in the picture, the 21 elevated Chiefs have already embraced truce by laying down their crowns.

Lastly, another major highlight of Governor Seyi Makinde’s one hundred days in office is the constitution of his cabinet.

A popular saying has it that a tree does not make a forest. And so it is well known that the success of any administration is directly tied to the ability of the helmsman and his lieutenants.

Many have commended the governor for appointing what they describe as round pegs in round holes. Of note are the appointment of very young individuals into his cabinet like Seun Fakorede, a 27-year-old graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University and Temilolu Asamu, a 32-year-old UK-trained lawyer who was appointed as Commissioner for Energy amongst several other individuals.

While this certainly isn’t the very best Oyo state can and should get, it certainly is a good place to begin from and one hopes it gets better by the days and weeks to come.

In all, it appears if the governor continues in this stride, he may just be setting himself up for bigger political positions at the end of his four-year tenure as governor of Oyo State.

 Lets have your thoughts below.