”Buhari is Nigeria’s real problem” Reno Attacks Buhari Over Docile Reaction To South African Attacks

Former presidential spokesman during the Goodluck Jonathan administration, Reno Omokri has lashed out at President Buhari’s body language and response to the ongoing killings of Nigerians in South Africa.

The Presidency had tweeted yesterday saying it condemned the killing that President Buhari would be discussing the issue in detail with the South African president come October when he is scheduled to make an official visit to the country.

In his reaction which he expressed via his twitter handle, Reno Omokri accused the President of not been bothered about the killings of Nigerians in South Africa simply because he feels most Nigerians in South Africa are Igbos, saying he could actually act fast, if he wanted to as he cited the instance of Zainab Aliyu in Saudi Arabia.

”1-General @MBuhari  is NOT bothered about the KILLINGS of Nigerians in SA because he feels that most Nigerians there are Igbos. They are 5 percenters. If he wanted to, he could act fast. Remember how fast he acted with Zainab Aliyu in Saudi Arabia?

Reno opines that there are several things President Buhari could do if he was truly outraged by the killings of Nigerians in South Africa, ”2-There are several things General @MBuhari could do if he TRULY was outraged by the killings of Nigerians in SA. There is a ‘MORALITY CLAUSE’ in MTN’s license. He could invoke that. When SA feels the financial pinch, the killings would stop INSTANTLY”.

Continuing he says, ”3-Also, General @MBuhari could lift from the @RealDonaldTrump  playbook and impose TARIFFS on SA goods and services. We buy more from them than they buy from us. It would HURT their ECONOMY and they would stop the killings FAST. But Buhari is CLUELESS!

”4-Another thing the CLUELESS General @MBuhari  should have done by now provides a plane to airlift vulnerable Nigerians from the hotspot in SA. Our embassy should also open their doors for the vulnerable to seek shelter in. But Buhari has done NOTHING!

He says  South Africans have the boldness to call us criminals because President Buhari first called us criminals saying Buhari is not the solution but rather the problem:

”5-South Africans have the boldness to call us CRIMINALS because General @MBuhari  first called us CRIMINALS. Buhari is not the SOLUTION. He is the PROBLEM. The main PROBLEM. He INSPIRES South Africans to treat us as they do. He even called our youths Lazy

”6-But apart from TALK, General @MBuhari has done NOTHING. Not even issue a TRAVEL ADVISORY! If South Africans were killing HERDSMEN’s COWS, you would have seen the speed of action! If Saudi Arabia was arresting TRAMADOL suspects, Buhari would be SUPERMAN!” he concludes.

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