Labour, FG, Disagree Again On Implementation Of New Minimum Wage

The meeting between and the Federal Government which was held on Friday in Abuja, over the implementation of the new N30,000 minimum wage is said to have ended in a deadlock.

According to THE PUNCH, a source revealed to its correspondent that both parties had decided to wait on the position of President Buhari on the issue.

The FG has proposed a 10 per cent increase in salary for workers between grade level 7 to 14 with a 5.5 per cent increase for workers on grade level 15 to 17. Labour has however disagreed as it is demanding a 29 per cent for workers on grade level 07 to 14 while proposing a 24 per cent increase for workers on grade level 15 to 17.

The source said, “The two sides resolved at the last meeting that the position of labour and that of the representatives of the government be sent to President Buhari.

“But when they met again on Friday, government representatives told the meeting that they had a challenge which was very technical.

“They said the technical committee must first report the decisions (positions of the two parties) to the plenary, that is the main negotiating committee before taking it to their principal. To us, this was in order.

“The main committee assigned the job to the technical committee, so it is in order that the report be taken to the main committee. We agreed that the report should be sent to the plenary which also met same day.

“After that it was agreed that the report be sent to President Buhari with the hope that a realistic government position will come up. Those at the committee said their mandate did not go beyond taking the report and presenting it to their principal.”

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