He is a Pacesetting Governor-Nigerians pour encomium on Seyi Makinde

For more than three times, the Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde is trending on the micro-blogging platform for good reasons.

The first was when he announced free education in Oyo, the second was when he publicly declares his assets; the third was his decision to set up an anti-graft agency in the state to fight corruption while the latest was the announcement that he appointed a 27-year old graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University as a commissioner.

“Makinde is a pacesetter governor. He is teaching Southwest governors and Nigerian politicians how governance should be,” a Twitter user Oladele said Tuesday while applauding some of the significant feats of the governor since he assumed office on May 29, 2019.

Makinde is a member of Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), the only PDP governor in the southwest geopolitical zone.

“Oyo state is doing something different, and leading the drive for youth inclusiveness in governance. Gov Seyi Makinde is on top of this movement,” @ozyreigns tweeted.

Another Twitter user Shittu said “it is time” for Oyo people to be proud of a state that has been politically known for violence.

“My friends from Oyo State, especially the ones from Ibadan; you’ve been the object of a lot of bants, now is the time to be proud of your state. The rest of us are envious of you right now. Gov. Seyi Makinde is showing promising signs and I hope this continues”

Another user G4 said, “Why is it that anytime Buhari trends, it is mostly on a negative vibe? Can’t, we trend him on something good like Seyi Makinde. Baba ‘do good’ let’s trend you sharp sharp with some positive vibe.”

Adelu Abiodun Jon who claimed he had met the governor said he knew we would be a performing governor the first time he shook hand with him, “During his campaign, I once met with him and had a handshake with him and greeted him “Your Excellency”. He smiled and said, “thank you”. When he was giving his speech, I just know this is the next Governor of Oyo State. God bless Seyi Makinde.”

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