JUST IN: Kogi HOA Commence Impeachment Moves Against Simon Achuba

Reports just reaching us has it that these may probably be the last days of Kogi state’s deputy governor, Simon Achuba.

The deputy governor has been having a running battle with the governor, Yahaya Bello for a while now.

This is as the state House of Assembly has commenced impeachment proceedings against him while the All Progressives Congress (APC) has suspended him — predictably for “anti-party” activities, which appears to be the standard accusation in political witch-hunt exercises.

Simon Acuhuba’s offence is his effrontery to maintain independence as the deputy governor, something seen in political circles as disloyalty.

Note that Achuba is also an Igala man just as Audu Bello is.

With this act, the governor has apparently made efforts to reduce him to size but official duties is what has suffered in the process. In most public functions, the deputy governor would be ignored and his presence unacknowledged. At a point, the electricity and water supplies to his residence were disconnected while his salary was stopped.

Going down memory lane, Achuba was brought in as deputy governor to add credence and credibility to the government after the election chaos following the death of Audu Abubakar, who was set to become governor.

Just recently, the deputy governor cried out that his entitlements of up to N800 million had been denied him, alleging also that there were also plans to kill him, a claim which officials of Bello administration have denied, describing it as “bogus and an exhibition of a blind rage by an angry suckling with a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior”.

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