We Must Produce What We Eat, We Can’t Rely On Importation – President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has reiterated his administration’s resolve to continue stifling the importation of food products in order to boost local food production.

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This follows a recent announcement by the central Bank of Nigeria that it plans to restrict Forex on the importation of milk.

The country’s apex Bank had explained the decision was necessary, not only to boost local production, but will also help address the incessant clashes between farmer and herders.

The decision has however met backlash – with majority of its critics saying it will inflict more hardship on poor Nigerians.

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But speaking through his official twitter page on Thursday, President Buhari posited that given the population of Nigeria, the country must strive to produce its own food.

He said the country must not rely on importation, reason why his administration has prioritized agriculture.

“A country with a population of close to 200 million has to be able to feed itself. We cannot rely on importing food. This is why one of our priorities as a government is growing the food we eat. Our policies will continue to be focused on agricultural self-sufficiency.” Buhari tweeted.

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  1. How many company do the federal government established to be producing what to eat for ourselves.

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