Ministerial Screening Day Two; What Went Down

Today’s screening of ministerial nominees on the floor of the Senate saw more of President Buhari’s ministerial nominees.

Ten nominees were screened yesterday while another ten  have been screened today.

Out of those screened today, six were told to take a bow and go.

One of the major highlight were the reaction of Bashir Saleh to the question posed at him on how the relationships between the Service Chiefs could be strengthened and  also security situation made better.

Bashir Saleh had promptly taken a swipe at the Service Chiefs saying they we majorly doing things for the media competing amongst themselves without much synergy between them.

Also former Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Opeyemi Bamidele aired his strong objection to the style presently adopted by the Senate to simply tell former lawmakers to bow and go without critiqing their appropriateness for the position being nominated for.

But Senate president promptly objected saying that the measure does not in any way undermine their screening as their nomination can still be cancelled.

Former Minister of Labour, Chris Ngige’s screening session also turned out as an interesting session.

Addressing the legislatures, Ngige said, “My distinguished brothers on the left side of the aisle, who I left in that my former party when the party was not doing well but are still waxing strong — when the vehicle became rickety, I had to leave. 

“So, the leader of the minority, and the whip, who is my boss and chairman of the Senate Committee on Power, Steel (Development) and Metallurgy — I was his deputy.”

He thereafter thanked them and was told to take a bow and leave.


Another highlight was when Adeniyi Adebayo made a correction on his curriculum vitae, saying he was admitted in 1977 and not 1971.

He said, “My CV is before all of you but I want to point out a slight correction. It’s as a result of the printer’s devil. My year of admission is 1977 and not 1971. I have been a lawyer since 1982 and my area of practice has been commercial practice. 

“I have been opportune (sic) to represent various companies both Nigerian and international in almost every area of commercial practice. In 1996, upon the creation of Ekiti State, I decided to throw my heart into the political ring. 

“My first port of call politically was in the United Nigeria Congress Party. Upon the conscription of that party, I joined the Alliance for Democracy and to the grace of God, I was opportune (sic) to be elected the first civilian governor of Ekiti State in the year 1999.”

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