EXCLUSIVE: I Want To Help Bring About Nigeria’s First Young President Come 2023 – Hon. Shina Peller Reveals

Businessman and serial entrepreneur turned politician, Hon. Shina Peller who is a member of the House of Representatives representing lseyin/ltesiwaju/ Kajola/lwajowa federal constituency has revealed his burning desire to work with a young person who will become Nigeria’s next president come 2023.

The lawmaker made this known while answering questions from a select number of press men recently revealed that one of his burning desire is to use his position in the House of Representatives to champion mass driven bills that will have impact on the nation’s masses adding that he would love to be known as the Voice of the Common Man (VCM).

While answering questions, he said ”We are all going to be working together most importantly on the political side so that at least we can encourage more people. By 2023, I want to see a lot of youths, I am ready to put myself out there to campaign outside of my constituency. I want to follow a youth to Warri to go and campaign. I want to follow somebody to Nasarawa to go and campaign but everything starts from now.

”And the kind of structure we put on ground now is what I believe can make us to achieve that. Lets understand that we have to put in some amount of work.

Answering question on the worrying disconnect between the ruling class and the led, he reveals how he plans to bridge this gap thus:

”First of all, my main focus for being in the House is to make sure that I propose bills that will affect the common man. I said something a few days ago while speaking with a few of my fiends in Abuja and I told them that I just want to add an alias to my name in the chambers. And that is ‘the voice of the common man’ (VCM). And I’m starting from my constituency. We can build Nigeria but not from the top, we have to build from the bottom.

”If we look at the country as a whole, the country is divided into 36 states with each state having local governments. We have a total of 360 constituencies, which means that whatever we can build from the level of our individual constituencies can make a great impact on the nation as a whole and my focus and intention is to create a model constituency that every other constituency in Nigeria can emulate.

”I want to create a winning formula that others can easily look at and replicate in their various constituencies.

”I want to create a land where oneness equity, progress and peace reigns because where there is peace, business will definitively thrive.

Speaking further, he talks about his empowerment programme which he reveals is already in action and through which he plans to reach out to members of his constituency:

”You know just about six or seven weeks ago, I commissioned the Shina Ayo empowerment center and inaugurated the programme itself and I had 51 members of the House of Representative all the way from Abuja at the commissioning and one can say that they are looking up to me on what I intend to do there. At least about six to seven occasions, I’ve had different House of Rep members walk up to me from nowhere asking that I carry them along in what I am doing. That is what I want.

”If I can achieve something in Iseyin/Itesiwaju/Kajola constituency and another person can take it to Cross River, and another take it to Kebbi and yet another to Nasarawa. It definitely can go across all across Nigeria this way.” he says

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