Shehu Sani Advises Presidency On What To Do With Obasanjo’s Open Letter

A human rights activist Senator Shehu Sani  has shown his support for Olusegun Obasanjo’s open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari which pointed out the gruesome security challenges that the country was facing.

Sani appreciated the content of Obasanjo’s letter and had consequently advised the President to clip it near the dressing mirror.

The former lawmaker, while appreciating the content of the letter on Tuesday, advised that the President should not use Obasanjo’s letter as a toilet roll, but should rather clip it near the dressing mirror.

Sani tweeted: “The messenger is not surely handsome but the message is a Bell and a compass.

“Obj and Baba knows each other more than anyone knows about them.

It had been reported yesterday that former president Obasanjo released an open letter to President Buhari where he drew the attention of the  president on the need to address the numerous security challenges facing the country.

Part of the letter read, “I am very much worried and afraid that we are on the precipice and dangerously reaching a tipping point where it may no longer be possible to hold danger at bay.

“The main issue, if I may dare say, is poor management or mismanagement of diversity which, on the other hand, is of our greatest and most important assets. As a result, very onerous cloud is gathering. And rain of destruction, violence, disaster and disunity can be the outcome.”