5 Things To Learn From Seyi Makinde’s Asset Declaration

Nigerians woke up this morning to the news report that Oyo state governor, Seyi Makinde just declared his assets.

Seyi Makinde who is the 19th governor of the South Western state of Oyo, on Monday had obtained the assets declaration form at the Code of Conduct Bureau in Oyo state.

Details of the assets as contained in the CCB 1 with the name Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde, was declared at the High Court of Oyo State, on May 28, 2019.

The form marked OYSE/2019/001 detailed his cash at hand, in the bank, landed properties (developed and undeveloped), household items share and bonds owned by the governor and his wife, Omini Makinde, as well as his companies.

According to a statement containing the details of the asset form made public by the Chief Press Secretary to Makinde, Mr Taiwo Adisa, the governor of Oyo State has cash at hand and in the bank worth N234, 742,296.01, as of May 28, 2019.

In dollar terms, the governor had $30,056.99 as of the same date.

The statement added that properties and household items indicated on the asset forms showed that the governor was worth N2, 624,800,500.

In dollars, the governor declared properties and household items worth $4,400,000. In South African Rands, the governor declared buildings and household items worth R4,400,057,550,04 .

The statement said, “The houses declared by the governor include nine buildings in Nigeria, two in the United States of America and one in South Africa.

“One of the properties in the United States is described as ‘jointly owned.’

“The details showed the current value of Makinde’s companies stand at N48,150,736,889, with 33,730,000 units of shares as of May 28, 2019. The governor also has existing bonds (Eurobond) worth $3,793,500 as well as shares, debentures and other securities valued at N120,500,000.

“The companies listed by the governor include Makon Engineering and Technical Services Limited, Energy Traders and Technical Services Limited, Makon Oil and Gas Limited, Makon Group Limited, Makon Construction Limited and Makon Power System Limited.”

The asset declaration form indicated that Makinde’s four companies had additional assets denominated as loan notes, including Makon Engineering and Technical Services Limited(N1.7 bn); Makon Power System Limited(N148.4 m); Makon Oil and Gas Limited(N34m); Energy Traders and Technical Services Limited(N1.159bn) totalling N3.389bn.

In reality, Governor Seyi Makinde’s asset declaration shows one stark truth about him, and that is the fact that he is a man of no small means.

Apparently he was made way before venturing into politics, which also throws up the question of what exactly is the motivating thought for him venturing into politics since the going thought in today’s society is that anyone going into politics is doing so simply to amass wealth as it has been seen as one of the fastest means of acquiring wealth in today’s world.

Below are five things everyone can learn from Gov. Seyi Makinde’s asset declaration move:

Not everyone going into politics is going in for selfish reasons: This is very clear and needs to be proclaimed loud and clear to many Nigerians of today.

It is almost a general belief among Nigerians today that one of the quickest way to amass wealth is to go into politics. In fact there is a popular saying that to be wealthy, there are three areas you can jump into and these are; politics, advance fee fraud (popularly known as 419) or pastoring. It is that bad.

But the governor’s laudable decision has debunked and rubbished that claim, rather it shows that there are still men who the spoils of office means nothing to and who rather go in to serve.

Secondly, Seyi Makinde has done something even President Buhari needs to learn from. It is true the president on both his two terms now has declared his assets but this he did secretly as we still do not know what it contains and what assets he really owns. The question here is this, what is the use of an asset declaration that the public know nothing of. Of what benefit is an asset list if the public whom you serve do not know its contents? How exactly are we to measure you owned before and after leaving office?

Thirdly, Seyi Makinde has just set a precedence other public office holders should and must emulate.

Next, Seyi Makinde’s declaration shows that all hope isn’t lost yet for Nigerian politics. His venturing into politics even as an already made business man tells us that we must not lose hope in the future of Nigeria.

Lastly, Seyi Makinde’s effort reveals that his administration is one to watch put for. Having done this, he has set the bench mark for himself and we all will be looking to see how well he performs. His decision shows a sincerity of heart and co-ordinated purpose in steering the ship of the state and he knows he can not afford to derail having upped the game for himself.

Lets have your thoughts below.