Shi’ites Speak On Shooting Of Two Policemen In National Assembly Protest

The Islamic Movement Of Nigeria(IMN) has issued a statement on the violent protest that occurred in the National Assembly which led to the shooting of two police officers and has denied responsibility.

According to a statement signed by Abdullahi Musa, a leader of the IMN Academic Forum, it denied that the police officers were hospitalized due to attacks from their colleagues.

The statement reads in part:

“After they had committed these atrocities, the police preposterously claimed that the protesters confiscated a gun from police and shot the officer. This is incongruous with reason and conclusive evidence at hand; nay it is even inviting serious ridicule. How on earth could a protester, known to be unarmed and defenseless, have sequestered a gun and fired it?

It further stated that;

“But, considering the narration of a former Abuja police commissioner, Sadiq Bello, that the police had their men put in free-Zakzaky protesters, it is quite obvious that that police set up for use were the ones who caused the inflictions at the National Assembly and elsewhere today,” the statement reads.

The statement by IMN comes after the Senate yesterday called for a security beef up around the National Assembly complex following the bloody protest by members of IMN.

The Senate said the leadership of the National Assembly was already in talks with security agencies that are investigating the incident.