Northern Youths Threaten Nigeria’s Unity, No Arrest, But IPOB….

Activist and convener of Concerned Nigeria Group, Comrade Deji Adeyanju has questioned the rationale behind tolerating youths of the northern part of the country who have persistently threatened the unity of Nigeria, yet brute is unleashed on Southern groups for demanding secession.

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This follows a recent threat by a northern group who had issued an ultimatum to the Federal Government to rescind its decision to suspend the proposed Rural Grazing Area – RUGA initiative.

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The group had given FG a 30 day ultimatum to to effect the proposed plan, and in the same vein threatened to vacate southerners who reside in the north if their bidding is not done.

Reacting, Comrade Deji expressed dismay that these group are yet to be arrested, in the same country that the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, had been declared a terrorist organization.

“The northern youths that threatened the unity of Nigeria over 2yrs ago have not been arrested. The northern young charlatans that recently threatened the unity of Nigeria have also not been arrested.

In the same country where we declared IPOB terrorist organization.” He tweeted

Recall that the Arewa Youth Forum had on two occasions given the south a quit notice.

On one occasion, it was in direct response to the call of IPOB for a separate state of Biafra. They had given the Igbos residing in the north a quit notice of Octorber 1 2017.

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A year later, in the build up of the 2019 general elections, another northern group had also issued a treat of eviction to Igbos who had planned to return to the east for the voting process.

Then the recent one.

This is considered a double standard from the Nigerian state’s perspective. In 2017, the Indigenous People Of Biafra was proscribed and designated a terrorist group.

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Why is the same measure not being applied to northern groups who have persistently threatened the unity of Nigeria through numerous quit notices.

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