Policeman Shot In The Head As Muslim Group Storm National Assembly

According to reports from THE CABLE, some members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) popularly referred to as Shi’ites, on Tuesday broke into the premises of the National Assembly Complex in Abuja.

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The IMN members further went on to have a violent exchange with security operatives in the complex.

The IMN members were reported to have broken down the first gate and then moved on to the second gate which serves as the main entrance of the complex

The security operatives who were in the complex at the time were however able to repel the protest of the Shi’ites by firing gunshots into the air in order to chase the protesters away.

The Shi’ites hit the National Assembly complex to protest the continued detention of their leader Ibrahim El-zakzaky.

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The Shi’ites had burnt down some vehicles which were parked in close proximity to the gates as other security operatives were being deployed to the scene.

According to THE CABLE, it was reported that a police was shot in the head, although they could not confirm the claim.

The said officer was said to have been overpowered by the Shi’ites with one of them eventually shooting him in the head. The officer has been rushed to the hospital according to the reports.

The protesters who numbered more than 100 could also be heard chanting songs of solidarity for Elzakzaky who has been in detention for four years now.

This will be the second time that members of the IMN will be invading the National Assembly complex within the space of three months.

In April of this year, the Shi’ites had a similar experience with security operatives which had forced the lawmakers to adjourn plenary.

The IMN leader, Elzakzaky was placed under arrest after members of his group clashed with the convoy of the Chief of Army Staff in 2015.

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Court orders which granted him bail have been handed out on several occasions, but the government has continued to detain him thereby raising the ire of his followers.

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  1. In over 40 years of the existence of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, it had never been knowing to be violent or hold fire arms. Never in history. Your report that that one of the shi’ites shot a policeman is only a pigment of your imagination.

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